USC Cinematic Arts Library Presents
"The George Duning Collection"

George Duning donated his personal scores to USC's famous Film Scoring Program: USC Thornton School Of Music, University of Southern California; Los Angeles, California; The scores are preserved at the USC Cinematic Arts Library that is part of the historic USC Doheny Library. Some scrapbooks and 20 boxes of scores are archived there. (Unfortunately, none of this collection is cataloged and is not available for on-line viewing!).

According to a USC Library employee, Steve Hanson (Director), on 4/7/2009:

"While I commend your enthusiasm for all things George Duning, as the holders of the physical rights to George Duning's materials, the university reserves the right to use them for our own interests and to preserve our status as the major destination for Duning researchers.."

Thus, permission is needed from USC officials to present images from the USC George Duning Collection here! This comment does not sound encouraging! This is a very sad story! If only George could have known!