George Duning

George Duning
George Duning
George Duning
George Duning Conducting
George Duning
George Duning the Cue



George Duning

Circa 1980
Original photo furnished by Lois Thompson Duning (George Duning's wife); Lois said that this photo is one of her favorites of George.

Received on 10/13/09.

George W Duning

(Photo recieved and posted on 2/23/13)

George Duning

(photo posted 1/1/19)


George W Duning

(Photo posted on 2/25/21)

George Duning White House


May 1, 1976

01. James Rule
02. Lawrence O'Brien
03. George Danielson - Congressman
04. Gerald Marks - Composer
05. George Duning - Composer<-----
06. Stanley Adams - Actor/Screenwriter
07. W. Suart Pope - Music Publisher
08. Glenn Davis - Congressman
09. Steve Haaser
10. James R. Mann - Congressman
11. John Nidecker - Presidential Aide
12. Bernard Korman
13. Larry Cummings
14. Ken Belieu - Secretary of the Navy (future)
15. Walter Wager - Novelist
16. Charles Ferris
17. Ben Zelenko - Attorney
18. Frank Valeo - U.S. Senate Party Secretary
19. Hugh Alexander

(Photo recieved and posted on 2/23/13)


George Duning White House List



White House Correspondests' Association (WJCA)


Dorothy Duning Photo

Dorothy Duning Photo2

Dorothy Duning Photo3

Circa 1942
Photos believed to be Dorothy Duning; Photos furnished by Dorsey Barnes Drane; Dorsey's family were good friends with The Dunings

House Address "852"

The little girl is Kathleen Duning

Received on 3/15/14; Posted 3/29/14