Laura McComsey:

Lorna Duning McComsey: 5/15/42-7/20/97, Aged 55; Died in La Jolla, CA.; from breast cancer;

Kathleen Duning Frankegerger

Above photo is from St. Charles Borromeo Academy in San Diego where Lorna taught the 4th grade class in 1987-88 ;

George William Duning, (2/25/1908—2/27/2000); Age at death: 92;
Dorothy (Dottie) E. Hutchings, (8/14/1913—5/3/80); Age at death: 67;

James T. McComsey; for 33 years, from 7/1964 until her death in 1997;

He graduated from the United States Air Academy, Class of 1964;

Siblings: (2 Sisters)

Kathleen D. Frankeberger, Sister; 7/1/40-4/14/17, Aged 76

Kathleen Duning Frankeberger

Patricia A. Brayton, Sister; (72), 4/21/46

Missing Photo

James T. McComsey; for 33 years, from 7/1964 until her death;

Children: (2)

Mark McComsey, Son, born 1965;

Missing Photo

Maureen Lynne McComsey, Daughter, born 1967;

Maureen Lynne McComsey

Hometown: La Canada Flintridge, CA
La Jolla, CA;

When Lorna and James finished their educations in June 1964 in Colorado, they got married the next month in La Canada near George’s home.  When James left the Air Force in 1979 after 15 years of service he and Lorna settled in La Canada for the next 7 years.  George moved to La Jolla in 1986.  James and Lorna also moved to La Jolla in 1986, always living within 6 blocks of George's condo. 

Lorna Duning McComsey

Lorna Duning McComsey Tennis Tournament