Picnic's Filming Locations:


Halstead, Kansas: (30 miles Northwest of Wichita); Riverside Park in Halstead is where the entire Labor Day picnic portion of the movie was filmed: (May 23 - June 3, 1955); 10 days of shooting;

  • May 23 - June 3, 1955; 10 days of shooting; the film company moved on to Riverside Park in Halstead, KS; Shooting started on May 26; Riverside Park in Halstead is where the entire Labor Day picnic portion of the movie was filmed:

  • A: Where the entrance to "Riverside Park" was filmed, ( the muddy "Little Arkansas River" runs right by Riverside Park);

  • B: This where the suspension bridge is located;

  • C: Where the Owens Party decided to have their family picnic, (now just a pile of rocks); (see photos below);

  • D: Where the dock was constructed for the dance scenes;

  • E: Where a second dock was constructed across the river from the "dance dock" where the swan boad landed the "Queen of Newalloh" and where she gave her speech;

  • F: Where some picnic scenes were filmed in the ball park, located on the other side of the suspension bridge (these were some of the picnic "games" were shot, that needed a wide open area; The Three-Legged Race, Rolling-Pin Throw, Girl-Carrying Contest, and Trained Seals contests were filmed there);

  • H: Where the ban stan was located;

  • I: Where a museum is located that houses the original "Swan Boat" from Picnic;

  • J: Where the waterfall is located, down stream from the suspention bridge (which can be seen from the scene where the picnic site was filmed (C) -- see photo below;

Halstead Map

Halstead Map

Halstead Map

Halstead Map


Picnic: 1938 Orris L. Hinshaw suspension bridge, Halstead, KS



Riverside Park

Halstead Riverside Park

Halstead - Riverside Park

Picnic at Riverside Park



Bridge Getting Refurbished: 5/21/17

The city of Halstead is spending $85,000 to refurbish one of its main tourist attractions: the swinging foot bridge in the town's Riverside park.

The bridge was built in 1938 by Orris L. Hinshaw. It is 180 feet long.


Halstead Heritage Museum & Depot - Historical Society
116 East First, Halstead, KS
(316) 835-2267Charles Basore Gallery – original swan boat, scrapbook and movie script from the movie “Picnic”
Hours: Saturday and Sunday 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Admission: Free